Chai Turmeric

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Chai Hot Eric Honey is a caffeine-free turmeric blend with warming chai spices that you can enjoy all day long. Our product is honey with organic, anti-inflammatory herbs, spices, and coconut oil. Herbs blended in honey create a sustainable solution that provides health benefits and, bonus…it's delicious.

Chai Turmeric Ingredients: Honey, Turmeric, Ginger, Coconut Oil, Cardamom, Cinnamon, Black pepper, All Spice


Customer Reviews

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Elixir of the Gods

Should of this I be without / my bushy 'stash would surely pout! One should undertake any self-care regimen with one's finger in a jar of this incredibly satisfying Hot Eric Honey. Thank you, Molly, for kicking my taste buds into a whole new realm!

Chai Turmeric

I LOVE this! Have it in my coffee each morning with maca, collagen and baking soda! The Chai totally makes this taste marvelous❣️

Faye Spears

I love a cup of warm milk with Chai Turmeric honey in it before bed. Very soothing and relaxing.

Hot Eric honey makes me happy

I found this spiced honey when visiting in Sun valley, recovering from surgery and waiting to begin chemotherapy. I was looking for healthy, wholesome foods and I feel these spices are just what I needed. I love how this makes me feel warm and it is so yummy!

Can't live without my HE

Hot Eric is truly a staple in my life. I have a jar of the original flavor on my kitchen counter where it looks so cute and happy (love the packaging) and I put it in my coffee every morning. My girlfriend and I love to make hot toddies with it on chilly nights. Love all the flavors but we're especially loving the new Matcha!!! Thank you, Molly, for creating this super special and delicious product and also for your inspiring newsletter, which in look forward to receiving every time!

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