Cacao Turmeric

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Chocolate lovers – we get you! Cacao Hot Eric Honey is a spicy chocolate turmeric blend with a hint of cinnamon and black pepper. Our product is honey with organic, anti-inflammatory herbs, spices, and coconut oil. A caffeine-free alternative for modern, health-conscious, chocolate-obsessed friends – you know who you are.

Cacao Turmeric Ingredients:  Honey, RawCacao, Turmeric, Ginger, Coconut Oil, Cinnamon, Black pepper


Customer Reviews

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Kamala Reeve
New favorite hot comfort drink

Delicious soothing satisfying hot drink. Looking forward to finding other ways to use it. Homemade Ice cream? Sounds promising!

Thank you for the kind words, Kamala.
We can confirm that Hot Eric Honey ice cream is amazing!
Try an iced mocha too!

Anne Ramzy

Cacao Turmeric

Jayne Phillips
Spicy & Sweet

Love Hot Eric Honey! The original is my favorite and recently have purchased Cacao and Chai. I had to give up my coffee for a few weeks and substituted with daily HEH lattes with oat milk. I'm glad I'm back on coffee, but I'll be keeping with the HEH drinks too! Great on toast, in yogurt, overnight oats. It's good for you too, win!

Teri Hunt
Flavor plus benefits

The Cacao Turmeric from Hot Eric Honey is an amazing addition to my morning coffee. Multiple health benefits and a dynamic taste makes this honey a real winner for your taste buds and your health!

Pat Bryan
Yummy tummy warmer

I add a teaspoon of Hot Eric to my coffee or tea to start my day off with a touch of sweet warmth in my core. Comforting and energizing!

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