Chai Turmeric

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Chai Hot Eric Honey is a caffeine-free turmeric blend with warming chai spices that you can enjoy all day long. Our product is honey with organic, anti-inflammatory herbs, spices, and coconut oil. Herbs blended in honey create a sustainable solution that provides health benefits and, bonus…it's delicious.

Chai Turmeric Ingredients: Honey, Turmeric, Ginger, Coconut Oil, Cardamom, Cinnamon, Black pepper, All Spice


Customer Reviews

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I am obsessed

My friends introduced me to Hot Eric while I was visiting them in Portland. I loved it so much and wanted to take some back home to British Columbia with me. My friend sent me with her nearly-empty jar. I have literally set up a mail box across the border in Bellingham, Washington, so I can order Hot Eric regularly. Seriously obsessed. Please come to Canada, Hot Eric! We need you up here!

Elixir of the Gods

Should of this I be without / my bushy 'stash would surely pout! One should undertake any self-care regimen with one's finger in a jar of this incredibly satisfying Hot Eric Honey. Thank you, Molly, for kicking my taste buds into a whole new realm!

Chai Turmeric

I LOVE this! Have it in my coffee each morning with maca, collagen and baking soda! The Chai totally makes this taste marvelous❣️

Faye Spears

I love a cup of warm milk with Chai Turmeric honey in it before bed. Very soothing and relaxing.

Hot Eric honey makes me happy

I found this spiced honey when visiting in Sun valley, recovering from surgery and waiting to begin chemotherapy. I was looking for healthy, wholesome foods and I feel these spices are just what I needed. I love how this makes me feel warm and it is so yummy!

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