Chai Turmeric

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Chai Hot Eric Honey is a caffeine-free turmeric blend with warming chai spices that you can enjoy all day long. Our product is honey with organic, anti-inflammatory herbs, spices, and coconut oil. Herbs blended in honey create a sustainable solution that provides health benefits and, bonus…it's delicious.

Chai Turmeric Ingredients: Honey, Turmeric, Ginger, Coconut Oil, Cardamom, Cinnamon, Black pepper, All Spice


Customer Reviews

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Susan Lindsay
It’s a can’t-live-without product!

A teaspoon in my mushroom coffee has me bolting out of bed every morning in anticipation of its deliciousness! Mixed with a splash of oat milk creamer, this is a morning ritual I can’t imagine ever giving up. It’s so delicious!

chelsie richter
nourishing & habit forming

I’m hooked. I love all the Hot Eric Honey but this chai really is what got me hooked. My gateway HEH if you will. Can’t live a day without using it. Spoon licking delicious 🍯



Delicions non caff Chai

This is the best source of a non-caffeinated Chai on the market (ad I've tried all I can find!) With dairy, almond, or a mixture of milks, it is great. I only use 1 large teaspoon per 12 oz cup - its enough for a great flavor and makes the yummy HE last longer.

Geoffrey Fernow
Hot Eric honey

Originally bought the three flavor sampler at a fairgrounds craft show. I enjoy all three flavors. When the sampler ran out I picked the "Chai" at random for a reorder. I'm a beekeeper so I have had the habit of eating honey with turmeric for health for some years. I just think the Hot Eric brand tastes better than my spoonful with cinnamon and turmeric dumped on top!

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