A Golden Turmeric Spiced Honey


A Friend With Benefits 

Hot Eric Honey is an enticing electuary—raw honey mixed with spices—enjoyed daily to support a healthy immune system, experience superfood powers, and uplift your heart and mind.
Stir. Eat. Love.

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- Honey - 

- Turmeric -

- Ginger -

- Coconut Oil -

- Cardamom -

- Cinnamon -

- Black Pepper -

- AlLSpice -

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- Honey - 

- Turmeric -

- Ginger -

- Coconut Oil -

- Cinnamon -

- Black Pepper -

- Clove -

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- Honey -

- Raw Cacao -

- Turmeric -

- Ginger -

- Coconut Oil -

- Cinnamon - 

- Black Pepper -


The Girl Behind The Glow

Meet Miss Molly


I have always had a deep love for my family, good friends, and community. Creativity, health, and beauty are integral parts of my life.  Healthful, supportive, homemade food is a gift.   Creating and sharing my culinary creations - as beneficial to the body and mind as they are to the palate - is my way of contributing to a happier, healthier world.  Sharing Hot Eric Honey with my community and beyond, is my golden gift to YOU!   


In 2017 I was creating a unique recipe mixing raw local honey with turmeric and various spices. After multiple trials, I landed on something very special and delicious. I was so excited I texted a dear friend to tell her all about the yummy magic happening in my kitchen.


 Me: I'm mixing honey, turmeric and ginger...

She received: I'm drinking rum with Hot Eric.

Her: Who's Eric???

Me: Uggghhh auto correct!

After laughing about it for days, the name stuck and Hot Eric Honey was born.

Honey and Turmeric


Do you mean Hot Eric?


Let's Glow!

Hot Eric Honey blends are naturally sweet, delicious, and caffeine-free. They can be enjoyed anytime of the day in any way you can imagine. Here’s a great place to start.

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Let's Glow Together

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Where To Enjoy & Buy

Nampa & Caldwell, Idaho

Bluebird Confections

Ketchum, Idaho

Ginger Sweet

Boise, Idaho

McCall, Idaho

Twin Falls, Idaho

Bluerock Farm Market

Boise Co-op

La Grande, Oregon

Wild Root Cafe

The Landing Hotel

Dawson Taylor Downtown

Sun Valley, Idaho

The Konditorei

Dawson Taylor Roast on Lusk

Seattle, Washington


Hailey, Idaho

Moss Coffee & Tea 9th St

C & P Coffee Company

Café Della

Eagle, Idaho

Cafe Crane

Camille Beckman

Moss Coffee & Tea Orchard St

Guru Donuts

Mocha Moose Coffee

Spokane, Washington

Brews Bros

Brews Bros North

Highway Grind

Lark and Larder

Coffee & Supply Co.

Mill Valley, California

Poet and the Bench

a café

Lakewood, Washington

The Brew Coffee Co

Vervain Apothecary

Meridian, Idaho

Bite Me Bars

Mountain Timber Coffee

Boise Co-op in the Village

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