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Hot Eric is a staple on my kitchen counter and I use it every day in my coffee and on toast with peanut butter. The original is my fave, but I love all the flavors so the trio is a perfect sample of all three. Love the thoughtful and FUN packaging -makes such a great gift!!!


The new Matcha is a pleasantly unique treat. A sweet and earthy taste I'm loving!

Can't live without my HE

Hot Eric is truly a staple in my life. I have a jar of the original flavor on my kitchen counter where it looks so cute and happy (love the packaging) and I put it in my coffee every morning. My girlfriend and I love to make hot toddies with it on chilly nights. Love all the flavors but we're especially loving the new Matcha!!! Thank you, Molly, for creating this super special and delicious product and also for your inspiring newsletter, which in look forward to receiving every time!

My morning ritual

Nothing wakes me up in the morning quite like seeing a little matcha goddess smiling at me from the counter. I’m an avid matcha drinker and this blend is perfect for a latte with steamed oat milk. I also love a teaspoon stirred into my overnight oatmeal that gives it a beautiful green color and subtle flavor.

Delecturaries of Delight!

I've been heralding the Golden Days of Summer with this tantalizing trio of tasty treats! Stirring it into a hot cuppa joe, spooning it over French vanilla ice cream, even slathered some on crunchy garlic bread and toasted my own damn fine honey luck. Becoming a ranch favorite. Ever grateful, Miss Moll

Matcha Erica honey is the bomb

This is my favorite of all of the Hot Eric products yet, and I didn't think I could love anything more than Hot Raj. With the Matcha foundation and a little tiny caffeine kick, this delightful drink has become my daily mid-afternoon delight.

Love Hot Eric’s Honey Sampler

My friend loves Hot Eric Honey, so I thought a sample pack would be a great gift and she loved it!


Molly makes an amazing product. And sent a lovely personalized not. I am enjoying it in my morning coffee, and have a tea I am looking forward to having it in as well. It's so warming, and soothing at the same time.
Best part of waking up, is HOT RAJ in my cup

The Golden Trio
Margaret Stone Stone

Love your product!!

Love this stuff!

Every morning is better with a little Hot Eric Honey in my coffee.

Delish!! I'm hooked!

My co-worker shared his supply of Hot Eric Honey and I'm hooked!!!! I love the Chai one....all of the flavors come together in your tea. So delicious!! Thanks to Ben for sharing with me. I am ordering more as I write this!? 😘

The Golden Trio

I use one or all three flavors every day, they are awesome.

Chai Turmeric
Lauren Greig

Absolutely delicious! Love hot eric honey, it has become an integral part of my nightly routine.

Hot Kakao Eric the Bomb!

SO good with steamed milk, has become our healthy and happy tea time treat. Great with a little hot Chaga as well!

The Hot Eric Honey Trio
Targhee Oeveraas
Best morning treat

I love this product. Delicious! I add mine to steamed milk since I've been cutting out coffee/caffeine now I don't feel like I'm missing out on the ritual of having a frothy cappuccino every day

Chai Turmeric
Josephine Graham

I had Hot Eric for the first time a couple weekends ago (shout-out to my friend Finola for showing it to me) and it’s so good! I’m definitely going to buy a jar to have at my house for this summer.

Cozy and delicious

Discovered all 3 flavors through a friend from Boise and instantly fell in love.

Sweatshirt - Brick
Allison Hodge
Comfy, cozy PGL!

I love my red PGL sweatshirt! It's my 'go to' on chilly nights - so cozy and makes me feel happy every time I wear it!!! 😍

Turmeric Spiced Honey - 20 oz
Maria Peterson soon to be Garaffa lol
🧡hoteric love

Love this product all three flavors are so great especially if you follow Molly on Instagram
She has everything from cocktails to yummy cake recipes

Sweatshirt - Grey
Naomi Kerns

Loved it!

Original Turmeric
Bryan Rupp
Amazing + Delicious Product

I just tried Hot Eric Honey for the first time and wow it's amazing! I really like golden milk, which I occasionally make, but it's quite a bit of work, and Hot Eric Honey is delicious, has health benefits, and is much easier to make. Glad to know about this product and brand!

love it / share it

my new -go to- small gift, gushing gratitude from recipients every time

Hot Raj is a spicy delight!!!

Hot Eric you have been replaced. I love your flavor so much but Hot Raj is a spicy delight that is now my new favorite!!! The Chai spices plus tumeric make every cup of coffee or tea so spicy and warm and delicious. I am in love!!!❤️

Best Honey Ever!

My favorite is waking up to my Hot Eric honey in the morning with almond milk😁such an amazing, healthy, and tasteful treat!

Sweatshirt - Mustard
Margaret Stone Stone

Sweatshirt - Mustard

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