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Chai Turmeric
Elixir of the Gods

Should of this I be without / my bushy 'stash would surely pout! One should undertake any self-care regimen with one's finger in a jar of this incredibly satisfying Hot Eric Honey. Thank you, Molly, for kicking my taste buds into a whole new realm!

Chai Turmeric 20 oz
Barbara S. Linnenbrink

easier to get spoonful out of jar - doesn’t separate as much. Good/bad news is I’ enjoying more Hot Eric each day and will be needing to order more!


Hot Eric is perfect after a long day, feet up, book in hand, nothing but a long read and space and time to relax. I'll order the Chai Turmeric next.

Matcha Turmeric
Lia Diaz-Brown
One of the Best!

I first tried the matcha one through a friend a month or so ago and really liked it. Found it at Boise Co-Op in Meridian as well as ordering it online. I just told my husband if we never buy anything other than Hot Eric Honey I’ll be happy!
I’ve shared it with others and suggested it to my kinetic lady who will be buying some soon. You should give it a try, it’s worth every penny 🥰

Matcha Turmeric
Henry James
Skip the long coffee line on the way to Valley County!

The excitement of driving to Tamarack or Brundage is even better when you don't wait forevvvver in the long drive-thru line. We made a few travel mugs worth of Matcha while getting the car loaded with birthday gifts and red balloons. Saved time. Saved money. Save your sanity not inching forward in the drive-thru, and crank the easy listening 70s love ballads as your shotgun rider sings into a make-believe microphone headed for the snowy mountains of beautiful Valley County. Hells yeah, Hot Eric!

Best sweatpants ever!!

These sweatpants are made from the softest, coziest material ever! They’re my favorite new thing 🥰

Chai Turmeric

I LOVE this! Have it in my coffee each morning with maca, collagen and baking soda! The Chai totally makes this taste marvelous❣️

Matcha Turmeric
Alyson Outen
Love so Matcha!

I’m not a matcha fan, but I would marry this if
I could!

Chai Turmeric
Faye Spears

I love a cup of warm milk with Chai Turmeric honey in it before bed. Very soothing and relaxing.


I, and my 19 year old son, LOVE Hot Eric's Turmeric Honey in our coffee in the morning. Wonderful!!

Original Turmeric
Danette Kuecks
Hot Eric Lemon Tonic is my new favorite thing

Had this at Dawson and have been making it daily at home now. Can’t get enough Hot Eric. Love all the others flavors too but this is the bomb!

Hot Eric honey makes me happy

I found this spiced honey when visiting in Sun valley, recovering from surgery and waiting to begin chemotherapy. I was looking for healthy, wholesome foods and I feel these spices are just what I needed. I love how this makes me feel warm and it is so yummy!

Original Tumeric

A golden latte in Sun Valley was my first experience with Hot Eric Honey and I have Hot Eric Honey in my beverages every week since.

Original Turmeric
Annie Gilligan
Love this!

Adds joy to my morning! Delicious, fun and healthy too! Thank you. :)

Hot Eric Honey(s) are THE BEST!

I love Hot Eric Honey(s) - they are delicious and exciting and habit forming in the best possible way. The Golden Honey Sample Trio is my go to for showing gratitude and sharing a little love with friends, colleagues and clients.

So many Uses!

I love this stuff. From adding it to my tea, ice cream, kahlua and milk , to occasionally just dipping my finger in the jar for a treat.
Thank you Molly.


Good intro to the product.

Original Turmeric
Michael Boyson
good but not as good as the product

Drinking it with tea right now, an everyday habit1

Original Turmeric
Amber in Walla Walla
I am IN LOVE with Hot Eric (Honey)!

Honestly, it was love at first sip! I discovered it at our work coffee shop and I can't stop going back for more. It's been the perfect fall treat for me. Warms my body, spices up my morning and makes me so happy!! I even got online and ordered a few jars to give away this Christmas. Gotta share the love! Thank you for making and selling this product! (:

Cacao Turmeric
Teri Hunt
Flavor plus benefits

The Cacao Turmeric from Hot Eric Honey is an amazing addition to my morning coffee. Multiple health benefits and a dynamic taste makes this honey a real winner for your taste buds and your health!

Original Turmeric 20oz
Melissa Waites
Delicious. Perfection.

The most amazing honey ever.

Golden Yumminess in my tummy!!

I used to make my own turmeric & honey blend to make golden milk and when I met Hot Eric, I knew I had found pure golden bliss!! Seriously start my morning with a spoonful of Hot Eric in my coffee and end my day with a spoonful on my vanilla ice cream!!

Matcha Turmeric
Valentine V
Delicious & Good for you!

Obsessing over this honey! All the flavors are awesome but the matcha has my heart right now!💚

So good! Yummy and healing!

I am so grateful for Hot Eric Honey! I put it in our matcha tea every morning and it makes the perfect healing elixir! My favorite is Hot Raj with the cardamom, but I love them all - and I gift the sampler trio all the time - perfect for any occasion! With a generous amount of turmeric and so many other healing ingredients, it is just what we need in this stressful time. So delicious! Enjoy!


Hot Eric is a staple on my kitchen counter and I use it every day in my coffee and on toast with peanut butter. The original is my fave, but I love all the flavors so the trio is a perfect sample of all three. Love the thoughtful and FUN packaging -makes such a great gift!!!

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